Well hey there! My name is Hannah and I’m a full-time wedding photographer currently based out of my home town in Lafayette, Louisiana. I love dogs and if I see one in public I may act like a child and lose all self control. Oh btw I accept puppy kisses as a form of payment. I have a wonderful family that I love to pieces. They are such an amazing support group. I picked up a camera for the first time 4 years ago & it's been a crazy awesome journey. We enjoy traveling & have so much planned for our future...You can never dream too big. As a kid I enjoyed oil painting & through my teens I learned sign language to teach deaf people the Bible. I'm still very involved in my ministry; it's the main focus of our lives. I'm very passionate about some things & easy going about everything else. Anytime I can dance, I'm there with the tiny bit of rhythm I have. I believe in love & kindness & treating others like you would want to be treated. I love cake, especially wedding cake...it's kinda why I'm in the business. I genuinely LOVE people...almost as much as I do animals. I enjoy a good old fashion or a glass of red wine.  I hate mornings & at night I get a burst of energy like those cats that dart across the room. So there ya go, some random facts. Now, tell me about you!

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Lets skip awkward posing and get down to the real stuff. If crinkled noses, windblow hair and belly laughs are your thing I may just be the photographer for you. I want to capture your in between moments, you know the moments that make you...YOU. My goal is to tell your love story the way you know it in real time. The look you give each other when you hold hands in the car, the way he holds you and how your hand fits perfectly in his.  Im the type of photographer who will tear up behind my camera as you share your personalized wedding vows or as you embrace during your first look. Ill be right there with you. You invest in me and I invest in you. What a privilege I have; I get to photograph the greatest thing on this earth... LOVE. I crave real moments and raw emotions because those are the moments that make you feel something, those are the times moments become memories. Lets create something beautiful together Something real, raw and romantic. Yes, romance can be cheesy, silly and fun or it can serious, passionate and intense. Whatever your love looks like I know its beautiful. 

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characterized by the expression of love. the language shared between two individuals. The basic idea in romanticism is that reason can not explain everything.  loving. amorous. passionate. tender. affection. lovey- dovey. intense. quirky, charming.  fanciful. 


relating to something as it is, not merely as it may be. used to emphasize the significance of a situation. Actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed. tangible. factual. concrete. authentic. honest to goodness.

RAW: rô/
natural, uncultivated,
or unrefined state. Not processed, imperfect. Direct in description and explicit in realistic detail. candid. strong and undisguised. uninhibited. unconcealed. unembellished. 


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